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HTC Called It Will Be Competitive Differentiation With Dopod

Todays Date: December 13, 2018

HTC Called It Will Be Competitive Differentiation With Dopod


The HTC brand of HTC had a reputation in the world, but in the most important Chinese market, it has relied on previous HTC Dopod(htc accessories) partners in the operation. Today, how the original Dopod and the new entry of HTC brand developed, whether it will compete with each other and harm their own situation?


The relationship between HTC(htc hd2 cases and covers) and Dopod is more complex. Dopod is a non-publicly traded company, and outside of its ownership structure is unknown. But it is understood that Dopod is a company that holding by Xuehong Wang individual, there is not equity relationships with HTC itself. Dopod sold the BlackBerry smart phones in the Chinese mainland market before, it achieves support from HTC in technical, and the products of HTC are sold in the brand of Dopod in the mainland market.


“Now the competition between the HTC and Dopod is not clear, but even without HTC, Dopod is still need to compete with iPhone and BlackBerry and other smart phones in the mainland market.” Jing-Hong Wang, the chief marketing officer of HTC said in an interview, the company also taking into account the HTC(htc hd2 spare parts) and Dopod have competition, there is a difference about the products, “There is a product of HTC, there is not the Dopod, vice versa.”


According to reports, the channel sales of HTC still rely on Dopod channels and personnel inChina. “You can buy the Dopod products, but also can buy HTC products in the same channel.” Jing-Hong Wang stressed that the support and cooperation of HTC to the Dopod will continue and will not abandon the support due to the launch of HTC.


Jing-Hong Wang said in order to the operations of HTC in the mainland, HTC has been established (China) Co., Ltd earlier. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of HTC. The post reporter understand from informed sources, basically two HTC and Dopod brand, one group of people, the employees of Dopod have signed work contracts with HTC, the staff will be responsible for the operations of HTC and Dopod in the mainland.


Insiders analyzed, in the short term, due to the large group of users of Dopod based in mainland China operations and channels of various factors, HTC will be both two brands, but in the long run, the Dopod brand will certainly be abandoned, until the market fully accepted HTC, Dopod will be gradually withdrawn from the market.

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