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Internet has changed The World

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

The internet has made life much simpler as one can connect with any part of the world sitting in his office/home. The internet has shortened distances and reduced the time gap. Web meetings, web conferencing and video conferencing have become almost routine exercises as the internet has simplified the process.

Videoseminar is one such Web conferencing tool used for online web meetings and presentations. Web conferencing is used to conduct live meetings, trainings or presentations with the help of the internet. One does not need to download the application or any software but directly connect through the internet. Web meetings let a person do more leaving office. Web meetings have revolutionized the way business is done and is most cost effective and reliable. Time and distance are no longer obstacles.A cheaper, and probably a very easy alternative to the cross country and cross city meetings are the modern day web meetings. In a web meeting, computers are connected with high speed internet and webcams along with special software to be able to hold the meeting. All the people attending the meeting can sit in front of the computer and see and talk to the other person as if he or she were in the same room. For example if Company A, that has one office in Australia, another in America and another in UK wants to hold a meeting of directors, all the directors can go to a web meeting center and then talk to each other as if there were actually in the same room with the CEO sitting at the head table.

The benefits of web conferencing are many. One can economically meet customers, partners and co-workers across the world. Video conferencing has many features, it has given power to interact and see at the same time. It allows 2 or more than two locations to interact at the same time. one can have an audience poll, live feeds ,resizable interface etc. It is very useful in conferences and can also be used to share documents, computer displayed information and white boards. Video conferencing is being majorly used by all multi national companies around the world who have offices across the country and globe. It is much cheaper than traveling and also gives confirmed results.

There are many companies which offer these services at a minimum price and one does not have to download any software or worry about connectivity problems. They also assure high quality video and one can record the events as well. They assure complete video and audio web conference solution available. No hardware or software needs to be purchased. The only support system web seminars require are speakers, a good speed internet connection, web cam microphone and a PC.

Business houses and small businesses too are realizing the benefits of video conferencing as it saves a lot of time and money which would otherwise go in traveling. It also simplifies life and one can use the comfort of one’s office or home to conduct meetings. One can show spread sheets, documents just like in a normal conference and can also manipulate the meetings as per liking something which does not happen otherwise. Recording of the sessions can be done which allows the one who leads the meetings to watch and revise the meeting.

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