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iPhone accessories selling hot

Todays Date: December 16, 2018

Foil, matching, matched with a travel charger, it can be said is that each consumer after the purchase of new machines must have the “Big Three.” As the digital market, the “luxury” goods, “The Big Three” more and no less. Third-party accessory manufacturers to accelerate into the iPhone accessories market, a variety of personalized products such as protective cover and other accessories have mushroomed.

With iPhone4’s hot, as a complementary accessory products, began to hit. Press Square to see in the digital basic every Apple store are arrayed in a variety of iPhone mobile phone accessories. Apple Store for a sales staff, told reporters: “iPhone cell phone accessories can be said even more than fire, certainly will be posted for each phone matched with a set of a film, and it is consumable, the relative frequency of replacement is relatively fast.” In the Taobao an Apple accessory shop, the shopkeeper told reporters: “Basic to sell hundreds of items every day.”

But as a “luxury” iPhone4, its relatively high price of accessories. In the interview, the reporter found, even to simply be installed for ordinary “Big Three”, also need to spend a thousand dollars. In an Apple store, the posted price for a film 198 yuan, 298 yuan, with a protective shell around the price of 200-300 dollars, you need a portable travel charger for nearly 700.

iPhone accessories manufacturers selling also let cottage began to follow up. And compared with the original products, cottage prices are cheaper. A film plus a protective cover, 50 Multi can handle that.

In the interview, an Apple dealer told reporters: “Although the cottage products a price advantage, but the original product sales are good, can be said to have equal shares. Everyone of different preferences, some people will the original, but some people will original is not worth that. ”

The same as Apple’s products, iPhone4 and iPad are very different. iPhone4 out of the supply base are in the state, which also caused the prices have been at a high level. But when the reporter visited recently learned that the supply current iPhone4 not as quite that tight. In the era of digital Plaza Apple store, the sales staff told reporters: “Now there iPhone4 spot, you can purchase directly.” Cyberspace is also a sales staff, told reporters: “Even if booked up to a week day could get the cash. ”

At the same time Unicom iPhone4 the relatively abundant supply of years ago, a few days ago, Suning stores in China Unicom, the reporter saw consumers are buying iPhone4. The staff also told reporters: “There are now iPhone4 spot, you can purchase directly.”

Although there are indications that, iPhone4 the supply is not particularly tight (wholesale iphone accessories), but the reporter learned that the current digital market, the price of iPhone4 had risen to 6,400 yuan. In less than a month before its price was 6100 yuan.

In this regard, a parallel business, told reporters: “In addition to New Year demand for larger, mainly against relatively heavy by now parallel, so that one is able to sell one, and now the price goes a bit ‘crazy’, and has from the normal market price (htc touch pro2 prices). “Another dealer told a reporter:” When the Chinese New Year peak period is over, the price may come down. From: twilight cell phone skins

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