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Manual submissions on social bookmarking sites

Todays Date: November 18, 2018

No online company can deny the importance of being linked to social bookmarking sites. Social bookmarking sites provide you a link to the hugest of metadata and hence enhancing your page hits on search engines. Now the major point of contention of this topic is that why do we need to submit manually for the social bookmarking sites? So let’s begin with the simple and straight reason that the automatic submission of your content is looked down upon in the committee of social bookmarking site’s members. If you submit automatically, that simply puts forth the message that your page is not credible enough to be linked to this social bookmarking website.

To elaborate more, there is one thing that you should note in particular. Every social bookmarking site has very strict criterion for building a link with your page. They focus on the relevancy of content to a excruciating level. They need the content to be proper and in relation to the context. If you are wondering that why is a Social bookmarking website such a big deal, then keep on reading. Bookmarking sites are a reference for the search engine to filter the search results. If your data is bookmarked to a reputed bookmarking site then you have an assurance that in any related search your page will make it to the first 10 search results. So now you know, that why is it so important.

Coming back to the point of manual submissions. Manual submission becomes necessary because while automated submission there can be many loopholes and you don’t want your page to suffer those mishappenings. Do you? Pages that are not bookmarked have a less chance of making it through any search engine’s optimization barriers, so your site will just become an alien junction which is unknown to all your prospective users. Most importantly, social bookmarking sites can vote your content down if you repeatedly submit your content automatically. And even the members of the site don’t approve of an automated submission.
Although I have emphasized a lot on mnnual submission, but its true that manual submissions are tedious and time consuming. Many SEOs promise you manual submission of your content but you as a company should be aware whether the promise is kept or not. In the worst case scenario though, you can opt for prioritization of content and accordingly submit the best of your content manually and rest in an automated fashion. It all depends on how much keen and devoted your SEO who provides social bookmarking services is!!

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