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News said Apple Has not Released Their Production Poadmap of iPhone5

Todays Date: January 19, 2019

 April 13 evening news in Beijing Time, according to Taiwan’s “Electronic Times” reported from the touch panel makers news that Apple has not released a new iPhone 5(iphone accessories wholesale suppliers) mobile phone production roadmap. Sources said with the iPhone 4(wholesale iphone cases) shipments continue to increase, suppliers did not intend to shift production to new products.


Recent trade rumors, said by the upstream component supply shortages, Apple may delay the release of iPhone 5(iphone cases wholesale) to September this year or even 2012. By convention, Apple will release a product for every generation roadmap, but given the current iPhone 4 touch panel shipments still remain stable, the touch panel manufacturers is uncertain when it would stop production in preparation for the next generation iPhone.


Touch panel makers believe that the iPhone 4 of the market demand continues to rise, Apple is likely to slightly change the existing model, and then continue to maintain an annual launch of new iPhone in June and July tradition in order to maintain the momentum of the consumer’s purchase. In other news that Apple plans to release the original iPhone 5 again shake off the industry, but because part of the design and components still need to solve the problem, only delay the new Apple Time Machine.


But there are also other mobile phone brands that, in order to resist the offensive Android smartphone, Apple will still be released in time for the traditional launch of the new iPhone, but they will also use this time to grab the Windows Phone Nokia lost share of system transformation. Handset manufacturers that Apple has created a new integrated design, hardware and software business models, the future may introduce entry-level iPhone to fight for market share.


Sony CEO Howard Stringer • (Sir Howard Stringer) told “The Wall Street Journal” reporter Walter • Moss Borg (Walt Mossberg) interview inadvertently revealed, iPhone 5 will be equipped with 8 megapixel camera, and will use Sony camera sensor. Stringer said Sony’s camera sensor is located inSendaiCity, the factory was destroyed in the earthquake, the supply of Apple’s shipments had to be postponed.


The camera sensor from the current Apple Harvest (OmniVision) exclusive supply is expected to Sony’s next generation camera sensor will be used on the iPhone. February, there have been reports that Howe could not deliver on time as 8-megapixel, the sensor will be the next generation of iPhone’s camera Sony to supply. Stringer’s inadvertent disclosure of this information proved completely accurate.


Sony’s eight million sensors already in use in the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo phone, it is learned because of Apple’s CMOS for low light conditions, so the sensor can meet Sony Apple needs. There were also reports that before, iPhone 5 will not be held in June this year, the WWDC, and is the reason for the delay due to iOS 5 release, but Stringer’s statement point of view, iPhone 5 and Sony should be delayed shipment not been able to supply the sensor. Presumably, iPhone 5’s release date will be postponed to September or October.

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