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Open trade contribute more to all China

Todays Date: December 19, 2018

Annual Meeting 2011 World Economic Forum (Davos Forum) on January 26 to 30 in the Swiss town of Davos, 2011 annual meeting’s theme is “common guidelines under the new situation.” Annual Meeting of the four major issues are: should the new situation, the economic outlook and the development of inclusive growth policy to support the plan of action the Group of Twenty, a global risk response mechanism.

Around these issues, Sina Finance dialogue with the Davos participants guests, for your analysis of post-crisis era, common values and norms of the global aspects of reconstruction.

Zurich Time January 27 (Beijing time on January 28) news, WTO Director General Pascal. Lamy (Pascal Lamy) clearly today in Davos, said: “For the Doha talks, there is still a large number of technical work needs to be done, and these were now the situation is very good. Compared with other issues, the WTO members Before you can hope that in April, including trade in agricultural and industrial products to obtain further results of the talks on the issue. ”

This year, nearly 30 trade ministers will have gathered in Davos, Lamy believes that the main purpose we approached each other, and informal talks.

“1 year ago now and the situation has changed a lot, but I do not think we should over-optimistic, there are still many difficult issues need to be broken.” Lamy said.

“Logically, it should be for each member are equal, but the fact is always some Member States relatively more than other members of the ‘equal’.” Lamy said. He believes that the forthcoming Doha Round is already the ninth round of multilateral trade negotiations, some developing countries have paid a very high price, involves their manufacturing, financial services, and so on,

“I’m not saying that China needs to pay any price to maintain the system, open trade is a very good thing, and now needs to be done is that some big countries have to do more (china trade), and” contribute more “, we should still” more get. “how to achieve both balance and to complete the negotiations, was a technical problem.

“Speaking of China is a developing country, there are some problems to be solved, but now, when the United States and Europe, Brazil, watching TV, they see is the Shanghai World Expo, the Olympics, a new aircraft, so they see is a very prosperous China, feel China is a shine, in various places. Of course, China’s own position is that China remains a developing country, which in the WTO, the contribution of developing and developed countries is not the same, this is a political issue, it actually exists. “Lamy said.

“Governments should be responsible for their own public opinion, China is opening up, is prosperity and economic growth rate remained at 10% above the great challenges of the domestic, regional development is uneven, the pension system is imperfect. The situation seen on TV not the same, but real. “Lamy suggestions said.

In this regard, Goldman Sachs International Chairman Peter • Sutherland (Peter D. Sutherland) concluded: “In recent years, the economic crisis to the global economy has brought tremendous damage. This period, as China’s integration into the world trading system (china business), almost power the global economy weather the current economic crisis – if we want to replace the multilateral trading system, bilateral, would reverse a century! ” From: china wholesale

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