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PSD to HTML Conversion Made Easy

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

PSD files are basically the Adobe Photoshop images saved in the Photoshop/PSD format. Web templates designed by web designers in layers are saved in the PSD formats, which are later bought by webmasters in order to transform the look of their site including the colors, additional buttons and modifying the backdrop. However, PSD files can prove to be quite tricky to amateurs. In most cases, some methods are necessary to convert PSD to HTML code prior to the PSD picture popping up as a web page.

The extremely high price of the Adobe Photoshop software prevents most people from buying it. Nowadays, programmers have begun to create their own image editing software, which is compatible with PSD files, since the PSD format has gained a lot of popularity over the years. People lacking any sort of Photoshop proficiency have no choice but to avail the services of professionals to convert PSD to HTML code.

Understanding the Process

The saving of PSD files is carried out in a layered format which makes it possible to open these type of files in Photoshop or any other similar software and slice these images to make the necessary changes so that they complement the theme of the web page being designed in HTML format. As soon as the changes take place in the PSD files, it is possible to save them either as JPEG, bitmap or any other format which is compatible and can be optimized for use in web sites. The images are finally hard coded into HTML format bit by bit. This is all there is to converting PSD to HTML codes.

The process of conversion does not necessarily cost a bomb. Software newbies need help from programmers or designers. Dedicated web sites carry out this portion of web development on their behalf. The only thing required is the PSD template of choice which can be sent to the site administrator directly in .zip format. The conversion from PSD to HTML will then be carried out by them which can take anything from a few hours to several days depending on the number of pages. Most Photoshop to HTML converters are skilled web designers who possess the ability to make the PSD file appear a great deal better than the original. Just the PSD templates need to be bought and the pros can work their magic to transform it into HTML.
Why Choose HTML over PSD

The development of a website becomes much easier following the conversion from PSD to HTML resulting in better websites. Not only are users are able to view their ideas and designs work in real format, the conversion from Photoshop to HTML offers the site W3C validation that considerably reduces the margin for errors and assists in structure verification of the website.
Cross-browser compatibility is one of the major attractions of this conversion. The more the site is compatible with different browsers found in the web, the more the number of visitors. The website should run across the important platforms which is guaranteed through conversion services. The process of conversion allows the website to integrate with the themes of any CMS. This helps make the site a whole lot more sustainable and manageable.

Semantic coding techniques involved in the conversion method allow developers to define every single element of the site individually which, in turn, makes the website search-engine friendly and results in higher ranks in the search engines results. Through Photoshop to HTML conversion, a web developer can create an exclusive web page with a striking design that helps drum up business by baiting visitors. Other commercial advantages of the conversion include time and cost savings.

Leena is author of this article. She has expertise in PSD to HTML conversion services and owner of convert2xhtml

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