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Report Said That The Cost Price Of iPhone 4S is $ 188

Todays Date: December 17, 2018

Report Said That The Cost Price Of iPhone 4S is $ 188

According to the foreign media reports, Apple launched iPhone 4S for some time, its official formulation of the two-year contract prices is $ 199 (16G version), $ 299 (32G version) and $ 399 (64G version). There is no doubt that iPhone 4S again creates a sales miracle, and many consumers have begun to study that how much the production of iPhone 4S  cost

According to market consulting firm IHS iSuppli’s survey results show, 16G version of iPhone 4S cost about $ 188, if considered the manufacturing cost, then the price will rise to $ 196. However, analysts said the larger storage capacity does not mean that the cost of iPhone 4S higher prices along blindly, 32G version of iPhone 4S cost $ 207, 64G version iPhone 4S cost $ 245. The idea that iPhone 4S and its “predecessor” iPhone4 have many similarities, but IHS iSuppli stressed iPhone 4S (cases for iPhone 4) itself contains highlights technological innovation. IHS iSuppli senior analyst Andrew dismantling Las Wheeler (Andrew Rassweiler) in a statement said: ” the more outstanding aspect of the performance of iPhone 4S is that its ability to various wireless networks in the world and free to use this while maintaining low cost.

At the same time, IHS iSuppli for the first time confirmed iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 leather cases) internal R & D uses Hynix’s NAND flash memory device, and after dismantling the physical machine by IHS iSuppli found that the previous generation iPhone and iPad products are used Samsung or Toshiba’s storage products. “in addition, iPhone 4S’s another notable technological improvements is the camera. iPhone 4S (iPhone 4 covers and cases) with a 800-megapixel camera is also equipped with its in-house manufactured by Sony image sensor components.

Product sales continue to surge in Apple’s ability to make the costs remain at a relatively low level. Earlier this week Apple announced that its fourth-quarter profit of up to $ 6.62 billion, while in the past three months time, the company sold a total of 17 million iPhone.

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