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Sino-US cooperation must be continued

Todays Date: December 15, 2018

Schiller told Sina Finance, the Asian countries in the past successfully used an export-led growth, Japan, Korea and Singapore using export-led growth in these countries has made remarkable achievements. He believes that China is entirely possible to adopt the same strategy, and this approach seems to be effective in China. But the problem is that China’s size is larger than 10 times in those countries, which in the eyes of other countries that there are some terrible, because they are worried about losing his job.

However, Schiller still believe that China’s export-led economic growth may end earlier than Japan’s. He Sina Finance, said: “Because China is so large, but the world needs is a certain limit of goods, while Chinese manufacturers are now producing more products for Chinese consumers.”

Earlier this month, U.S. National Security Adviser Duo Nilun speech that the United States must take effective measures to reduce the trade imbalance between the two countries.

In this regard, Schiller Sina Finance, said he did not like the majority of Americans worry about the trade imbalance between China and the U.S.. For example, he said: “As a college professor, I do not worry I will be replaced with someone in China, because there are not many American students go to university in China.” He said: “After all, education is a huge industry, the United States Many foreign students to U.S. schools, this situation should change soon. ”

At the same time, Schiller said: the ongoing Sino-US trade, and this exchange even more positive. He said: “Although the Americans always feel that China is a threat to the United States, because their work may be snatched by the Chinese workers, but another fact is that large Chinese companies to establish branch offices in the U.S., which helped create some of the United States employment opportunities. ”

On whether China should hold so much U.S. debt problem, Schiller Sina Finance, said: The key is what kind of bonds held. He said: “The United States should the sale of government depends on China’s gross domestic product (GDP) growth-linked bonds. I think that China will buy U.S. Treasury bonds that benefited. Because the current situation is that if the United States in the future inflation, the real value of debt held by China will be reduced. ”

Schiller think this is a unique, and to strengthen the world’s financial infrastructure and improving economic opportunity, because GDP-linked bond market, it will reach a price attractive to investors, reflecting investors on the issue of Bond country’s future expectations and uncertainty.

Schiller told Sina Finance, despite the U.S. economic recovery prospects, the possibility of a double-dip recession, much smaller than the six months before, but the U.S. real estate bubble burst, so he was very worried about the economy into a double-dip double back again.

He said: “U.S. home prices still falling, I was worried when it fell. Household debt ratio is still very high, many people lose their houses, or for the replacement and transfer to other cities. At the same time, the United States debt ratio has risen to an unprecedented high level, so that people worry about whether the Government have the ability to introduce new stimulus. ”

Speaking of China real estate (china electronics), Schiller said: “China’s real estate bubble is now a serious, if the bubble burst, like the U.S., then it will hit the Chinese economy. The Chinese Government has realized this and has taken measures to control living situation. ”

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