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Storage Container – Versatile Solution to Load & Unload

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

If you are planning to move, de-clutter, or remodel your house, you can make use of the storage container and it is the versatile solution for packing and unpacking things. Container hire Melbourne is just a phone call away and you can book the container box for your purpose. Usually, these containers are manufactured in two different sizes namely medium size (11 x 7 feet) and large size (16 X 7 feet).

Medium sized container is suitable for small office equipments and 1 or 2 bedroom houses. Large sized container can be used for three bedroom houses and can store about 250 to 300 archive boxes and it is ideal for large business offices too.

This Storage container is very convenient than the moving truck because of its portable option. Portable moving container is very simple to handle. You need to just call the concerned company and they would drop the container at your door step. You can pack things in your convenient time without any hassle.

What are the features of Pods Storage?

It is always good to choose a reputed company for container hire services. You can search online to get information about the best company in this business. If you are planning to move, you can order for a container a week before your moving day. You can pack things without any tension and besides this, you can also order for packing supplies such as able lock, disc lock, barrel lock, butchers packing paper, packing tapes, boxes, and tape dispenser etc.

You can purchase all the things needed for packing in a single store, which eases your work to a great extent. The Self storage can be sited at your place in the parking area or in the garden space or you can also place the container on the street after acquiring permission from the local authorities. If it is not possible then the pods storage can be kept at the place of the company.

The containers are locked with high beefed security system, so it is very safe to keep at the company’s space. The box can be accessed after getting an appointment and you can visit the company any time from morning to evening to access the container.

Design feature of the container

The box is designed in such a way that it adequately protects your things with its solid and sturdy construction. The interior walls of the container are so smooth that it doesn’t tear and damage the packed things inside it. This is very useful when you are storing delicate items inside. When you are moving the box from one place to another to secure things there are strong tie down rings located on all sides of the container. Hence, it is a very secure container with safety lock and it lessens tension on the moving day.

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