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StudioPress Enterprise WordPress Theme Review

Todays Date: January 18, 2019

StudioPress has taken a different road with their WordPress themes than most other theme designers. They take The Genesis theme framework and then layer on “child” themes that deliver a higher level of functionality and the perfect design for every site owner.

StudioPress released the Enterprise WordPress business theme, Now we did a test with the StudioPress Enterprise theme and do the StudioPress Enterprise WordPress theme Review.

The initial cost of StudioPress WordPress themes may seem a bit steep, but the ability to Enterprise wordpress theme to completely change the look of your site without touching the basic functionality is a great luxury. You can purchase the Enterprise WordPress theme today and then change it out with something fresh in a month or two.

Enterprise WordPress Theme Review - StudioPress



StudioPress Enterprise WordPress theme Overview:

StudioPress Enterprise WordPress theme allows easy incorporation of video, images, and other interactive, attention-grabbing features. It can be used for a wide variety of businesses as well as informational and e-commerce websites. For e-commerce you’ll need a shopping cart plugin or service integrated.

While not an exhaustive list, some of the reasons to choose StudioPress Enterprise theme over a free one include:

Adherence to industry standards – As with any other industry that has standards, there are industry standards that govern how websites should be constructed. By adhering to these standards, through ensuring that the proper XHTML and CSS are used, the website will function properly, attracting more users and be made available to more browsers. Most premium themes are coded to proper W3C guidelines.

Professionally coded – A professionally coded website will adhere to generally accepted coding standards. This should aid in site speed and maintainability. Should you want to add any code yourself, having a professionally coded premium theme will make it easier to read and understand the code and may even add hooks for your custom code. The theme will be more tightly integrated into the functions available through wordpress, ensuring better upgradability in the future.

Ongoing Support – Most StudioPress wordpress themes have a good support community surrounding them. Not only is the designer and/or developer usually available to provide support, but a forum for the theme may be available as well. Support for the theme will often come from others actually using the theme.
?Professional Design – Utilizing a professional design is one of the primary ways to project the image that of a professional website. Professional designs integrate better into the underlying code, have a cleaner look and feel, and are easier to navigate.

Easy to Configure – Good quality StudioPress themes include a custom dashboard for easy blog configuration. This may be as simple as configuring basic options for the look and feel of the theme, to providing an easy way to change the entire layout. Having the ability to do this configuration through a dashboard reduces the need to integrate custom code into the design.

Search Engine Friendly – Otherwise known as SEO or Search Engine Optimization, websites coded to be search engine friendly rank higher in the search results. Being search engine friendly is more than having good quality content on the site. Today, the search engines are also looking at the layout of the site, the content of the headings, proper links, and site speed as well as the content. Premium themes have page layouts specifically targeted to be search engine friendly.

Advanced Features – StudioPress wordpress themes often provide functionality that previously required custom coding or a wordpress plugin to accomplish. Newer premium themes now include built in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionality, links to various social media sites and integrated website analytics (such as Google or Yahoo). In additional to having this functionality available right in the theme, it provides for less bloat due to fewer plugins, resulting in a faster loading website.

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Choosing a StudioPress premium wordpress theme allows you to leave the design and technical work to others, providing you with a professional looking website, while giving you the ability to concentrate on publishing quality content that will get noticed. Visit the StudioPress Enterprise WordPress theme now..

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