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Supervision does not require sunlight, “benevolent official opinions” of the camera

Todays Date: December 11, 2018

Hakusan City, Jilin Yang Xiaonan driving Mercedes event in the city in front of people killed by the strong concern of Internet users. Recently, the police responded to the many questions, three surveillance cameras near the scene of the accident did not shoot. And Yang Xiaonan than users questioned the “official second-generation”, his parents working in the Government sector but not “official.” (April 12, “Beijing Morning Post.”)

This three “electronic eyes” is how the collective “failure” mean? Investigators this interpretation: First, the electronic eye intersection accident, due to the nearby underground shopping robbery theft has occurred many times, and was transferred to underground shopping malls; Second, the municipal government to build the line across the electronic eye on the building, only the bank’s internal control conditions, making less than the scene; third, the road east of the Bank of China also has an electronic eye, but in the time of the incident, monitor is turned off.

After hearing this explanation the police, you may be feeling these electronic eyes are so considerate, precise operation – when the video recording, video recording should not, either it was removed or broken. In addition, these electronic eyes but also specific functions, such as, police said Construction Bank Building on the electronic eye is used to monitor the bank’s internal situation, it is like a human eye, can see his face.

This amazing camera, coupled with the coincidence of the plot, is clearly not the virtual plot of the novel, but a stark reality. And this reality version of the magical story of the camera, we often staged here. For example, Yunnan Jinning Li Qiao Ming “hide and seek” death case, Kunming, a small South Gate Police Station waiting room, “notes the lock, lace hanging ‘case, Chongqing, Wu Xiaoqing, hanged himself inside the prison doors of the case … These cases have in common a feature that is: all of the surveillance video at key moments, key scenes are “considerate” to blind.

Linked to similar incidents in the past many, Hakusan City, the official explanation, it is difficult to dispel public doubts (home safety devices), but to strengthen the public awareness of the original (safe home alarm). Afraid to try to speculate with the greatest malicious, this failure of three electronic eye, interfering with the local official has a great relationship. Monitoring tools such as video are mostly controlled by those in power, and therefore, those in power handling their own thing, abridged smear, not a piece of cake? from: top rated home safes

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