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Surveillance Cameras even installed in the School Toilet

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

A few days ago, Xi’an Taibai intersection installed 17 surveillance cameras, and in Heilongjiang Zhaodong, even more crazy than this, a school installed surveillance camera in the
school’s men’s toilet.

It is nothing serious the campus has monitoring equipment, but if you see the camera in the men’s toilet, I believe you will walk away.

Zhaodong third secondary school students: It lets others feel, anyway, not very awkward.Zhaodong third secondary school students: It is uncomformtable, the toilet was also peep.The security camera installed in the corner of the men’s toilet in Zhaodong school, with its head point of view, panoramic view of the entire bathroom, but that is absolutely no problem.
Zhaodong third high school student: I am on the toilet on which the farthest away from the camera frame,

Reporter: Why did you install it?

Student: Well look vain, sorry ah.

The toilet is the only school toilets, school faculty and hundreds of men and male students, nature is a frequent visitor here, a place in the privacy of the placement of such a surveillance camera,
Who’s heart, head and also at ease it up ah.
Reporter: this thing work?

Zhaodong third secondary school students: do not know, who did not know whether it work ah.
Zhaodong third secondary school students: those things look the camera, all in the school inside it.
Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun said the men’s toilet really installed the camera during the winter (spy video camera).

Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun: because sometimes there are children lurking in the bathroom, some students or other children, there are acts of vandalism, in order to facilitate the management of our school, and even for the safety of students, thus installed the surveillance camera (spy camera watch).

The computer screen clearly showing the area monitored by cameras in President Wang office, President Wang said that this computer is the monitor terminal, most of all monitoring pictures gathered here in the end, but no the men’s toilet on the monitor screen. Zhaodong third high school vice-principal Wang Qingjun: “If students feel inconvenient, then we can dismantle it.”from:pinhole spy camera

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