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The Inventory of Four Major Trends about the Field of Remote Control

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

The rapid development of Internet technology makes the remote monitoring of remote control software, and remote desktop connection level rising. Whether it is a remote office or remote education, remote control quickly into our field of vision, a growing number of office staff and academic staff hope to use remote technology to improve their work efficiency. Meanwhile, more and more enterprises and institutions want to create a stable and secure platform for remote monitoring by using remote monitoring software, to monitor the work of the staff, to improve the quality of work. In this era of technological develops rapidly, the remote monitoring software is a different variety, followed by a direct comparison between several more popular remote control software, to explore several trends of remote areas.

It is a popular remote control tool in domestic, free and practical, using the UDP within network penetrate technology, and it can penetrate the network and firewall without doing port mapping, and easy to connect two computers with different local area network or even not in the same city, country. And in terms of security, it is perfect, not only with a U Shield encryption technology, and has a login password (stored on a network server machine), control password (stored in the user’s local computer) double password.

It is a simple and fast solution used for the remote control, desktop sharing and file transfer in the background of firewall and NAT proxy. To connect to another computer, you only need to run TeamViewer on both machines, and it does not need a process of installation, the software will automatically generate partner ID on two computers at first start. Only need to enter the ID of the client to the TeamViewer, then it will immediately establish a connection.

It is a remote service platform which is set of remote control (security camera equipment), remote switch, monitor, and VPN, very easy to use, as long as apply the user name, and running host in a computer controlled, set up remote access password after login, you can use the host, by the same user name and password to access remote desktop control, to open the remote camera (controlled camera rotation around 320 degrees, 60 degrees up and down), sound, download / upload files (cctv security equipment).

LogMeIn is a secure remote accessible software Web-based, it has a powerful control features, allowing users to control the home PC or office PC by any computer which can access the Internet. Software supports powerful 256-bit SSL encryption, dual password authentication, RSA SecureID.from: security officer equipment

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