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The Material about the Surveillance Camera Knowledge

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

Describe the inner lens image quality indicator is the lens optical transfer function and distortion, but for the users, they need to know only the lens of the spatial resolution, distinguish the number of black and white stripes per millimeter as the units of measurement, calculated as: Lens resolution N = 180 / frame format level. As the CCD camera the size of the target surface have been standardized, such as 1 / 2 inch camera, the target surface for the high wide 6.4mm * 4.8mm, 1 / 3 inch camera for wide-4.8mm * high-3.6mm. Therefore 1 / 2 inch format CCD target surface, the lens, the minimum resolution should be 38 pairs of lines / mm, for 1 / 3 inch format camera, the lens resolution should be greater than 50 on the line, the camera The smaller the target surface, the higher the resolution of the lens.

The lens focal length and viewing angle, according to the distance the camera from the monitored target, choose the lens focal length, lens focal length f determined by the camera determines the target surface horizons (spy camera watch).

Aperture or amount of light, the amount of light of the lens measure by the lens focal length and aperture ratio, each lens are marked with the maximum F value, amount of light and the F value the square is inversely proportional relationship, The smaller the F value, the larger the aperture. It should be monitored according to some changes in light level to select the aperture manually or with automatic iris lens.

Zoom lens divided into two categories manual zoom lens and automatic telescopic lens. As a zoom lens inside the lens to the lens focal length changes within a certain range, so the goal can be monitored zoom in or out, so it is often a zoom lens. Typical specifications are six times optical zoom (6.0 ~ 36mm, F1.2), 8-fold (4.5 ~ 36mm, F1.6), 10 times (8.0 ~ 80mm, F1.2), 12 times (6.0 ~ 72mm, F1 .2), 20 times (10 ~ 200mm, F1.2) and other grades, and the most common electric telescopic lens. To increase the magnification, in addition to optical zoom can be subjected to external electronic digital zoom. Electric telescopic lens, aperture adjustment, there are three, namely: auto iris, DC drive auto iris, electric adjustment of the aperture. The focus and zoom adjustment, electric adjustment and preset only two kinds of electric adjustment by the lens inside the motor, while the preset is through the lens of the potentiometer to adjust pre-set stop bit, so you can remove the image must successive adjustment process can be accurate and fast positioning. In the spherical integrated camera system cover (spy video camera), most use the telescopic lens with a preset position. Another fast-focus function that users are interested in, which consists of measuring focus systems and the power zoom feedback control system.from: pinhole spy camera

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