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The Need For Web Development and the Increased Popularity of Off Shoring to India

Todays Date: December 18, 2018

In the twenty first century, there are advanced in technology occurring on a daily basis, all be it in TVs, electronic goods, or the home PC and its’ software. So to keep up to date, there are obviously a large number of web development companies working every day to produce more up to date and better software. So why outsource these companies to India.

The answers are quite simple. India is full of offshore software development companies due to the fact that there is and abundance of qualified, English speaking technicians, willing to work for low pay. These individual in Web development companies in India are lucky to have jobs, and are therefore even more dedicated to the cause, knowing that if they do not do their job to the highest standard, someone else will.

Let’s take a look at the statistics of offshore software development companies such as web development companies in India. India was the first country to set up off shore development companies, so we are dealing with a workforce of dedicated workers, with experience, and at low cost. All extremely qualified technically, up to more than 50% of costs can be saved as well as an increased production of 3 – 8 % when using these companies, There alone lays the answer. Better productivity at a cheaper rate.

It makes no sense to set up software development companies in Western Europe for example, when India was the first, and therefore most experienced in the field, of software development, offering English speaking dedicated staff, and an increased production at half the cost. So the success of the off shoring of software development companies will only increase, especially in countries such as India, that have such a good track record. Why pay more for a service that is slower, when you know that it is in the hands of extremely capable individuals abroad, both English speaking, and incredibly hardworking.


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