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The Net Friend Said to Raise the Abortion Charges

Todays Date: January 16, 2019

A man and a woman was found stealing in a supermarket of Fuqing, the woman “complain tearfully” that steal in order to raise abortion fee, and they were net friends, and this was their first meeting.

On 21 at 5 pm, Fuqing City, the surveillance camera of a supermarket caught this scene: a young woman and a black man putted 3 bags of scallops and 2 bags of squid into the bag that the woman carrying… … the security stopped them at the supermarket the door, the girl can not explain the seafood in her bag that not pay for, so the security carried them to the security rooms, and called the police. “The man dressed in black did not the goods in the supermarket that did not pay for, we let him leave.” Supermarket security guard said that, in the surveillance video, you can clearly see the process of stealing.

Reporters saw in the surveillance video, two people were pushing a shopping cart full of goods, under the cover of the man, and the woman putted a few bags of seafood stuffed into her own bag. Man first left and waiting at the door, then the woman did not buy anything and went out from the entrance, but stopped by security at the supermarket entrance.

According to the woman introduced that she was the people of Changle, Lin, 23 years old, and her parents died. Little Lin told reporters that black young man surnamed Chen, was her net friend, Fuqing Road street people. That afternoon, she came to Fuqing and met with Chen the first time. “At first I let Chen took me to the supermarket to steal something, he refused.” Lin said, and then she told Chen that she was pregnant 3 months and 3 months ago her boyfriend was caught because stealing in supermarket in Fuzhou and they can not together. “I told him, ‘stealing is to raise abortion fee, as long as the help I stole something, I’ll be your girlfriend.'” Chen agreed (safe home alarm).

And the manager Chen of the supermarket said, after taking out the stolen goods, Lin’s bag would have nothing, wallet, cell phone, ID cards … nothing, to his experience for years to judge, the woman was habitual theft, and her arms had nearly ten pinhole, a drug suspect. “Our supermarket will be lost the goods and the value of tens of thousands when counting inventory each month, found nearly ten cases of theft every month, for most of them, focus on education, the only suspected habitual theft will alarm (home safety products).” manager Chen said. And Lin said it was her first time to steal into the supermarket, she only smoked a few K powder.from: safe home security

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